3036 075 Version 5-Aluminum Tripod

Made after 1994-05-11

Old Manfrotto and Bogen 3036 or 075 tripod A1 USED Main Casting Top Plate
A2 USED Main Casting Bottem Plate
A3 USED Casting Lock Knob
A4 Bubble Level
A5 USED Leg Retainer

B1 USED Leg Brace
B2 USED Upper Leg
B3 USED Middle Leg
B4 USED Lower Leg
B5 Rubber Foot

C1 Crank
C2 Elevation Gear
C3 USED Round Center Column
C4 Center Column Plug
C5 Center Column Tubing

E1 USED Center Column Rod
E2 USED Spider Tension Knob
E3 USED Spider Strut Assy

F1 USED Upper Leg Lock
F2 USED Upper Leg Lock Snap Lever

G1 USED Lower Leg Lock
G2 USED Lower Leg Lock Snap Lever

Editor note: Not all parts are interchangeable between versions. Center
Columns, Elevation cranks and gears and main castings are not
interchangeable between versions. You can completely replace the leg
lock assembly on version 4 with the version 3 leg locks. The snap lock
levers are NOT interchangeable.

Parts marked as USED are reconditioned and only available as USED.
Where there is a dual listing the one not showning USED is the NEW part.

Item numbers listed in the index on the right column may not be shown
on the picture because the part may be obscured or is inside another part
or it is underneath another part and cannot be shown. Click on the link to
see the actual Part picture. Links will turn red on "mouse-over' and blue
after they have been visited.