155RC Double Ball Joint Head with Quick Release

Made after 2000-05-30

155BKL Double Ball HeadR396 TOP PLATE ASSEMBLY

A 155BKL Double BallJoint Head

A1 RC Stud Screw Ball (not a stock item)
A2 Side Plate
A3 Side Plate with Hole
A4 1/4 Female Screw Ball
A5 Bolt & Bearing
A6 Washer (not a stock item)
A7 Ball Lock Knob









B1 Quick Release 1/4-20 Screw
B2 Quick Release 3/8 Screw
B3 Quick Release 1/4 Anti-Rotate
B4 1/4 Thumbscrew
B5 3/8 Thumbscrew





C1 QR Safety Catch
C2 QR Cam Thumb Lever
C3 QR Cam Return Spring (not shown)
C4 QR Cam Pivot Screw
C5 Safety release Lever (not a part)
C6 QR Plate Receiver

Editor note: All versions of this item are interchangeable.

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