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190XB Version 2 - Aluminum Tripod

Made after 2007-05-21
For Serial Number From A0893684

#3205 - 190XB Complete Tripod

#3808 - A1 Center Column Lock Knob
#4403 - A2 Center Column Brake Shoe

#1431 - B1 Main Casting Top Plate
#1428 - B2 Main Casting Bottom Plate

#3809 - C1 Leg Brace & Upper Leg Tube
#3156 - C2 Leg Extender Release Button

#3813 - D1 Upper Leg Lock Assy
#3815 - D2 Upper Snap Lever

#4926 - E Middle Leg Tube

#3814 - F1 Lower Leg Lock Assy
#3816 - F2 Lower Snap Lock Lever

#4927 - G Lower Leg Tube

#3812 - H Rubber Foot (set of 3)
#3817 - H1 Spike Feet Accessory (set of 3)

#4895 - I Strap Loop

#3147 - J Cable Clip & Wrench

#3835 - K Center Column Assy
#4401 - K1 Plug Spring
#4402 - K2 Center Column Plug

Part C2 was added from version 1 to version 2. It was included in the assembly with part B2.

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