200PL Quick Release Plate

200pl Quick Release Parts

manfrotto 200PL
200PL- 1/4 screw with 3/8 & anti-rotate adapters

Manfrotto 200PLLT
200PL-LT - 1/4 screw & composite material

Mnafrotto 200PLCC
200PL-CC - 1/4 screw & metal plate

Manfrotto 200Pl anti rotation Quick Release Plate
200PL-AR - 1/4 & 3/8 with anti-rotate ledge

#1426 - A1 Rubber Pad

#5364 - B1 Location Pin - Single
#4120 - B1 Location Pin - 5 pack

#1362 - C1 1/4-20 Turn Buckle
#1360 - C2 3/8-16 Turn Buckle
#3428 - C3 1/4 to 3/8 Thread Adapter

D1 Base (not a part,
purchase new plate listed below)

200PL Plates

#1313 - 200PL Quick Release w/ 1/4 Screw & Adapters

This plate will fit any camera, as it includes the 1/4 screw and a 3/8 adapter and the anti-rotation pin that some cameras use to prevent rotation. Check your camera next to the tripod mount for a small hole.

#1536 - 200PL-LT Light Weight QR w/ 1/4 Screw

Thia is the light weight coposite plastic plate. It is for the smaller and lighter compact and Micro 4/3 type cameras that are usually lighter in weight and do not require a metal base plate.

#1304 - 200PL14 Quick Release w/ 1/4 Screw
#1313 - 200PL38 Quick Release w/ 3/8 Screw

These are the standard metal base plates, in either 1/4 or 3/8 sizes. These only have the screw. The screws are steel or brass and the base plate is metal

#1308 - 200PLNR QR w/ 1/4 Anti-Rotate
#1536 - 200PLNR QR w/ 3/8 Anti-Rotate

Same constrution as the plates above, whoever these plates have the anti-ratation BRACKET that prevents the camera from rotatin on the screw by bracing next to the camera body.
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