244 Variable Friction Arm with Camera Bracket

Made after 2013-08-27

244 variable frict.magic arm
143BKT Camera Bracket

244 Variable Friction Arm

A1 1/4 Stud & ArmAssy
A2 Spacers
A3 Bolt & Bearings
A4 Internal Tension Bearing
A5 Tension Knob
A6 3/8 Stud & Arm Assy
A7 1/4 Stud
A8 3/8 Stud
A9 Ball Bearing

B 143BKT Camera Bracket
B1 Main Casting
B2 Rubber Pad
B3 Back Knob
B4 Side Knob
B5 1/4 Camera Screw
B6 3/8 Camera Screw

Editor note: All versions of this item are interchangeable.

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