351 MV Version 8 Video Tripod

Made after 2005-05-10
For serial number from A0133651 if marked

A1 USED Main Casting
A2 USED Leg Pivot & Screw Caps
A3 USED Leg Release
A4 Single Screw Cap

B1 USED Upper Leg Tube
B2 USED Spreader Key

C Wrench & Clip

D USED Leb Clamp Assembly

E1 USED Lower Leg Tube & Foot
E2 Rubber Foot Cover
E3 USED Rubber Padded Foot
E4 Rubber Padded Feet, set of 3

F1 USED Ball Assembly
F1 520 Ball Assembly
F2 Ball Only (not a stock item)
C Tightening Handle Assy
Click Here for parts for 520Ball
Editor note: Previous Versions have a different part B2 - Unknown compatibility. Parts marked as USED are recinditioned parts and are not available as new parts.

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