351MVB2 Version 3 Video Tripod

Made after 2006-01-24

#5731 - A1 USED Main Casting
#3356 - A2 USED Leg Pivot & Screw Caps
#508 - A3 USED Leg Release
#8153 - A4 Single Screw Cap

#281 - B1 Upper Leg Tube
#5734 - B2 USED Middle Leg Tube
#4349 - B3 Bottom Leg Tube
#3496 - B4 Leg Lock Snap Lever
#4163 - B5 Spreader Link
#5733 - B6 USED Complete Leg Assy
includes parts B1, B2, B3

#1409 - C1 Cable Clip
#3147 - C2 Cable Clip and Wrench

#2608 - D1 USED Leb Clamp Assembly
#4338 - D2 Upper Leg Lock Lever
#4316 - D3 Upper Leg Lock Shoe

#282 - E1 Rubber Foot Cover
#4686 - E2 USED Rubber Padded Foot
#2935 - E3 Rubber Padded Feet, set of 3

#3193 - F1 Ball Assembly
F2 Ball Only (not a stock item)
#2149 - C Tightening Handle Assy
Click Here for parts for 520Ball

#2933 - G 537SPRB Spreader Assembly
Editor note: Versions 3 and 4 are different in that B3
assmebly parts are NOT interchangeable between
versions. All other parts are the same. the only way to
discern versions is to use the Sanp Lever B4 to
visually identify them.
Item numbers listed in the index on the right
column may not be shown on the picture because the part
may be obscured or is inside in underneath another part
and cannot be shown. Click on the link to see the actual
Part picture. Links will turn red on "mouse-over' and blue
after they have been visited.