503 VERSION 1 - Video Pan Head

503 Head Parts are Different from 503HDV
Made about 2003-03-07
For Serial Number 503M5855

#1302 - A 501PL Quick Release Plate
#2619 - A1 501PL Rubber Pads (set of 2)
#1435 - A2 1/4 QR Replacment Screw
#1434 - A3 3/8 QR Replacement Screw

#1381 - B QR Receiver Top Plate

#1352 - C QR Lock Knob
#1422 - C1 QR Safety Lock Button

#2966 - D Pan Lock Knob

#1414 - E1 Pan Handle Clamp
#1415 - E2 Pan Handle Clamp Knob
#3202 - E3 Pan Handle Only

#3665 - F Bubble Level

#4208 - G1 Rotating Lock Knob
G2 Rotation Lock Shoe (not a stock item)

#357 - H Friction Disk

#372 - J Pan Control Knob

Parts from the 503 are NOT compatible with the 503HDV

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