503LV Versions 1 Video Pan Bar

Made about 2002-07-17


#3740 - A Curved Pan Bar Handle
B1 Extension Knob & Screw
(no longer available)
B2 Extension Knob Only
(no longer available)
C Extension Clamp Assembly
(no longer available)
#3635 - D Curved Pan Bar
#1414 - E1 Clamp
#1415 - E2 Clamp Knob

#3202 - F 503HLV Pan Bar Complete Assembly
(Version 2)

Editor note:The screws and clamp parts from version 1 are not interchangeable with version 2. If you are missing parts B1, B2 or C discard and replace those parts with the version 2 assembly part C.

Item numbers listed in the index on the right column may not be shown on the picture because the part may be obscured or is inside in underneath another part and cannot be shown. Click on the link to see the actual Part picture. Links will turn red on "mouse-over' and blue after they have been visited.