516 Video Head

Made after 2004-11-11

Manfroto 516 head parts

A1 357PLV Plate Only
A1 357PLONG Plate Only
A2 3/8-16 Screw (set of 2)
A3 1/4-20 Screw (set of 2)
A4 Rubber Stopper
A5 Anti-Rotation Pin & Spring

B1 QR Safety Button
B2 QR Locking Shoe
B3 QR Top Plate
B4 QR Locking Knob

C1 Tilt Locking Knob
C2 Left Side Plate Assy
C3 Tension Knob Cover
C4 Tension Knob Assy
C5 Right Side Plate Assy
C6 Capstan and Bearing Cover

D1 Pan Handle Assembly
(Call to order - 864-583-6835)
D2 Pan Handle Clamp
D3 Clamp Tightening Knob
D4 Upper Pan Handle
D5 Pan Handle Extnsn Lock
D6 Lower Pan Handle

E1 Bubble Level (not shown)
E2 Pan Lock Knob (not shown)
E3 Base Plate (not a stock item)
E4 Pan Locking Assy

Editor note: Parts are interchangeable between versions

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