520MV Version 5 Video Tripod

Made after 2000-07-26

520MVB Video Tripod
A1 Main Casting Top Plate (not a stock item)
#4181 - A2 Leg Pivot Screw and Caps

B1 Upper Leg Assembly (not a stock item)
B2 Bottom Leg Tube (not a stock item)
B3 Bottom Leg Tube Cap (not a stock item)
B4 Leg Yoke (not a stock item)

C Upper Leg Tightening Knob(not a stock item)

#4709 - D Leg Clip

E1 Lower Clamp Knob (not a stock item)
E2 Clamping Shoe Only (not a stock item)

#1721 - F 165MV Leg Spreader (not shown)

Click Here for 165MV Parts page

#282 - G1 Rubber Foot Cover
#4686 - G2 USED Rubber Padded Foot
#2935 - G3 Rubber Padded Feet, set of 3

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