557B Monopod Version 1

Made after 2003-05-06

357 adapter

A 357 QR Plate Adapter

A1 357PLV Plate Only
A2 3/8-16 Screw (set of 2)
A3 1/4-20 Screw (set of 2)
A4 Rubber Stopper
A5 Anti-Rotation Pin & Spring
A6 QR Receiver Plate
(not a stock item)
A7 Safety Lock Clamp & Knob
A8 Saftey Pin and Spring

B1 QR Receiver Plate (not a stock item)
B2 Saftey Pin and Spring
B3 Lock Knob & Shoe
B4 Locking Knob Only

B1 Upper Tube (not a stock item)
B2 Wrist Strap

C Cable Clip & Wrench (not a stock item)

D1 Original Lower Leg Lock (Discontinued)
D2 Original Snap Lever
D1 Replacement Upper Leg Lock
D2 Replacement Snap Lever

E Middle Leg Tube (not a stock item)

F1 Original Lower Leg Lock (Discontinued)
F2 Original Snap Lever
F1 Replacement Lower Leg Lock
F2 Replacement Snap Lever

G Lower Leg Tube (not a stock item)

H Rubber Foot
Editor note:Parts D1 & F1are discontinued and no
longer available. Replacements are shown. Be aware
that the snap levers are different and are NOT
compatible or interchangeable bewteen the locks or
replacements. The Foot changed from Version 1 to Ver 2.

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