557B Monopod Version 3

Made after 2007-07-16
For serial number from A1049898

357 adapter

A 357 QR Plate Adapter

A1 357PLV Plate Only
A2 3/8-16 Screw (set of 2)
A3 1/4-20 Screw (set of 2)
A4 Rubber Stopper
A5 Anti-Rotation Pin & Spring
A6 QR Receiver Plate
(not a stock item)
A7 Safety Lock Clamp & Knob
A8 Saftey Pin and Spring

B1 Upper Tube (not a stock item)
B2 Wrist Strap

C Cable Clip & Wrench (not a stock item)

D1 Upper Leg Lock

D2 Snap Lever

E Middle Leg Tube (not a stock item)

F1 Lower Leg Lock

F2 Snap Lever

G Lower Leg Tube (not a stock item)

H Rubber Foot (not a stock item)
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