560B version 1 - Monopod

Made after 2006-06-06
For Serial Number A0516988

#1287 - A Head Assembly
#1304 - A1 Quick Release 1/4-20 Screw
#1313 - A2 Quick Release 3/8 Screw
#1308 - A3 Quick Release 1/4 Anti-Rotate
#1536 - A4 Quick Release 3/8 Anti-Rotate
#1362 - A5 1/4 Thumbscrew
#1360 - A6 3/8 Thumbscrew

#1333 - B1 QR Cam Thumb Lever
#3664 - B2 QR Cam Return Spring
#1339 - B3 QR Cam Pivot Screw
#1484 - B4 QR Safety Locing Pin

C1 QR Mount (not a stock item)
C2 Base Unit (not a stock item)

D Tension Screw (not a stock item)

#171 - E Wrist Strap

F Leg Assembly (not a stock part)

G Lower Leg and Ball Assembly

Parts F & G are combined in NEW part FG -complete stick assy
#322 - Click Here to Order

H1 Foot Assembly
(Discontinued no longer available)
H2 Rubber Pads
(Discontinued no longer available)
#251 - H1 Replacement Foot Assembly

Editor note: Parts H1 and H2 have changed from
version 1 to version2 and these parts are not
interchangeable. please check the photos carefully
before purchasing.

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