724B Version 2 - Aluminum Tripod

Made after 2003-21-01

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715B tripod

B Top Plate (not a stock item)
B1 Top Plate Rubber Pad
B2 Ball (not a stock item)
B3 Ball Head Main Casting (not a stock item)
B4 Ball Lock Knob
B5 Bushing (not a stock item)
B6 Center Column Complete Assembly
B7 Center Column Cap

C No parts on this tripod

D1 USED Main Casting Top Plate Assembly
D2 Not a part
D3 Center Column Lock Lever

E USED Leg & Brace Assembly

F Leg Locks
F4 Snap Lever for All Leg Locks
All other F parts are discontinued and no longer available from the manufacturer.

G1 Rubber Foot

Editor note: Parts for this model are no longer manufacturered or available for order from the manufacturer.

Item numbers listed in the index on the right column may not be
shown on the picture because the part may be obscured or is inside
another part or it is underneath another part and cannot be shown.
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