756B Version 2 - Aluminum Tripod

Made after 2004-09-02
For serial number from A0001746

756B tripod' A Center Column Assembly
A1 Top Leveler Plate
A2 Center Shaft
A3 Inside Ball
A4 Center Column
A5 Leveler Plate Tightening Knob

B1 Center Column Lock Knob
B2 Center Sliding Block

C1 Center Column Capstan Left (protrudes on the bottom)
C2 Friction Bearing
C3 Center Column Capstan Right(recessed on the bottom)
C4 Main Casting Top Plate
C5 Main Casting Bottom Plate

D1 Leg Brace
D2 Leg Extender Release Button

E1 Upper Leg LockTube
E2 Middle Leg Tube
E3 Middle Leg Tube

F Leg Clips

G1 Upper Leg Lock Assy
G2 Upper Snap Lever

H1 Lower Leg Lock Assy
H2 Lower Snap Lock Lever

I Rubber Foot

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