808RC4 VERSION 1 - 3 Way Pan Head

Made after 2006-06-21
For Serial Number C0272661

808RC4 HEAD A Quick Release Assy with Screws
A1 1/4 Thumbscrew
A2 3/8 Thumbscrew

B QR Receiver Assembly
B1 QR Release Lever
B2 QR Safety Pin
B3 QR Pivot Screw
B4 QR Long Bubble Level
B5 QR Round Bubble Level
B6 ASM Plug
B7 QR Bearing & Spring

C Tilt Pivot Assembly
C1 Tilt Pivot Plug
C2 Tilt Bearing (not a stock item)
C3 Tilt Screw(not a stock item)
C4 Tilt Pivot Label(not a stock item)

D Pan Pivot
D1 Pan Pivot Screw(not a stock item)
D2 Pan Pivot Bearing & Spring

E Base Assembly

F Set of 3 Handles
F1 Top Handle
F2 Middle Handle
F3 Bottom Handle




G QR Cam Safety Release

H1 Top QR Receiver
H2 Top Pivot Screw
H3 Side Name Plate (not a stock item)
H4 Other Side Name Plate (not a stock item)

I1 Middle Joint Cover
I2 Middle Pivot Screw
I3 Middle Name Plate (not a stock item)

J Bottom Joint Cover
J1Bottom Return Spring
J2 Bottom Pivot Joint
J3 Bottom Name Plate (not a stock item)

K Base Assmebly (K1, K2)
K1 Base Plate(not a stock item)
K2 Base Pivot(not a stock item)
K3 Base Name Plate(not a stock item)

L Handle Set (D, E, F)

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