MM294C4 (4 leg section) Carbon Fiber Monopod Version 2

Made about 2012-12-31
For Serial Number From E0043215

MM294C4 MONOPOD Complete MM294C4 Monopod

A Wrist Strap

B1 Top Tube and Grip Assembly
(not a part)
B2 Upper Tube (not a part)
B3 Middle Tube (not a part)
B4 Bottom Tube (not a part)

C1 Top Clamp
C2 Top Snap Lever

D1 Center Clamp
D2 Center Snap Lever

E1 Bottom Clamp
E2 Bottom Snap Lever

F Cable Clip

G Rubber Foot

H1 Tube Tops
to be mounted on the clamping collars
H2 Tube Sleeves
to be mounted on the tubes

Editor note: Parts B are not available individually, only as part
of the complete assembly

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