Introducing LED you can get a handle on...

LYKOS offers incredible light output whilst maintaining very compact and portable dimensions. It is the ideal solution for videographers and photographers on the go. In addition to the vast possibilities for video LYKOS is a breakthrough in continuous LED lighting for portrait photography on location or in the studio.

LYKOS LED panels incorporate the latest LED innovations available (Surface Mounted Technology), which guarantees images with perfect colour rendition and no colour cast.

The LED panels feature innovative lenses specifically designed to achieve improved optical efficiency. A Colour LCD display on the back of the unit allows the easy monitoring of dimming levels, colour temperature, battery status and wireless functions (optional Bluetooth dongle available for wireless control).

LYKOS LED lights is powered by L-Type Li-ion batteries or by the AC adaptor included. A diffusion gel is supplied with the product. Superior diffusion can be achieved using the LYKOS LED panel in combination with the LYKOS LED softbox.

LYKOS LED panels are fully compatible with Manfrotto Digital Director when using the LYKOS Bluetooth Dongle.

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