MH055M0-Q5 Ball Head

Made about 2011-05-03
For Serial Number C0000001

A1 501PL Quick Release Plate
A2 501PL Rubber Pads (set of 2)
A3 1/4 QR Replacment Screw
A4 3/8 QR Replacement Screw
A5 QR Top Plate Assembly (not a stock item)
A6 QR Guide (not a stock item)
A7 QR Safety Pin
A8 QR Lock Wedge
A9 QR Lock Knob
A10 Bubble Level (uses 2 bubbles)

B1 Main Casting
B2 Friction Ring (not shown)
B3 Ball
B4 Plastic Ball Seat and Washers
B5 Bevel Washer
B6 Ball Seat
B7 Friction Assembly
B8 Base (not a stock item)
B9 Bearing (6 pieces)
B10 Retaining Pin
B11 Bullet Catch

B4-B11 Base and Ball Parts are not shown since they are all mostly internal.

C Pan Rotation Lock Knob

D Ball Control Lock Knob

F Ball Tilt Limiter

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