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XPRO Video Monopod Features

Manfrotto XPRO Fluid Base The new XPROBASE has several new features over the old base. there is a lock on the base, so the foot is rigid and does not allow for any panning or to and fro panning movements. Manfrotto XPRO Fluid Base Lock
The fluid cartridge is in the base for smooth ball panning movements.

The Feet fold up and out of the way for when you are transporting, or don't need the wide "Crows Foot" base.

There is still a single rubber foot on the bottom so you can still use it like a conventional monopod.

We stock a wide range of the parts so you can easily buy the parts and do the reapirs your self.

Poor conditions? Buy extra feet and keep them in your bag, ready for anything!
Manfrotto XPRO Base Swivel
Manfrotto XPRO Snaps The new Quick Power Lock Levers provide extreme locking grip strength and are released with a single hand movement. This gives you super fast set up and tear down. The Positive snap on the QPL and YOU know it is locked.

The Top is designed to accept heads that use 1/4 or 3/8 mounting screws for maximum campatability - even across different brands.
Manfrotto XPRO Smooth Fluid Movements
This series of monopods is taller than most of the competition. Taller means more versitable when you are tanding on uneven grounds, or on bleachers where your monopod cannot stand on the same level as you. Manfrotto Taller Monopods Manfrotto XPRO compatiblity
Manfrotto XPRO Monopods are extra compact The overall size has been reduced creating a more compact monopod with greater portability. The leg tubes were reworked so they are "D" shaped, resulting in lighter weight tubes, with greater support and twisting strength.

All of this combines to make the simplest, lightest, fastest and overall best monopod on the market today. And, you can still repair them yourself if you have an accident!
Manfrotto XPRO stronger monopods

Choose from a reange of head options

577 Plate Adapter, 2 Way Fluid Head, MVH500 Video Heador No hea; but with a retractible 1/4 or 3/8 mounting screw
Manfrotto 577 Top Manfrotto 2 Way Fluid Head Manfrotto MVH500 Head Mamfrotto XPRO Plain Top